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  1. All Seats on Retro Railtours' charters are reserved in advance, and must be paid for in advance of the tour date- if your cheque has not cleared within 7 days of the tour running, your booking will be void.
  2. Child fares are available to all persons aged Under 16 on the date of booking.
  3. Retro Railtours endeavours to provide the advertised traction on the times and dates stated. We reserve the right to alter the itinerary at any time, and as such, no liability is accepted for a change of itinerary.
  4. The timings shown on the website and literature are for guidance only. The actual timings will be sent to you, with your travel documents.
  5. Retro Railtours, in conjunction with the TOC (Train Operating Company) will endeavour to run the train as planned, however we cannot accept responsibility for any problems out of our control. If there is a problem, where the train cannot complete its journey, we will liaise with the responsible party to organise onward transport to your booked station.
  6. Private Travel Insurance is strongly recommended, as on all long distance journeys.
  7. Retro Railtours will offer a full refund up to 28 days before the booked tour date, 50% refund between 28-15 days, and no refund if cancelled 14 days before the tour date. We reserve the right to charge a £10 administration fee on all refunds. (If the refund application is due to a medical reason, with proof, we will use our discretion to give full refunds up to 14 days before the tour)
  8. If you have any complaints while on a Retro Railtours train, please raise the matter with the Tour Manager, or train guard, and we will try to solve the problem immediately.
  9. Passengers are responsible for their personal belongings on the train, and we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage of your personal property. If you leave your property on the train, you may collect from Retro Railtours' Ashton-under-Lyne address free of charge, or if we have to send by post, a delivery fee may be charged.
  10. Any passenger found to be damaging the train will reported to the British Transport Police and the TOC, whom may take further action.
  11. Smoking in an enclosed space is an offence. Retro Railtours enforces a strict no smoking policy, including in the toilets and near windows. Anyone caught smoking will be removed from the train, and reported to the British Transport Police.
  12. We regret we cannot convey bicycles on our trains.
  13.  Due to space limitations, Retro Railtours can only accept manual, folding wheelchairs. If you are disabled, or have limited mobility, please ring us in advance, and tick the box on the booking form. If possible, we will contact you the day before the tour to arrange the correct position on the platform for ease of boarding. If required, one of our stewards will be able to help you on-board.
  14. Well behaved dogs are conveyed on our trains free of charge, with the stipulation that the dog must be accommodated at a pre-booked table for 4, and that they must be kept under control at all times, and any damage the dog causes is your responsibility. Please contact us in advance if you are bringing a dog on the train.

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