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The Frontier Brush
Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2024

Note: Sold out

Retro Railtours are pleased to help the Brush Type 4 Fund advertise their charter train in Hungary using former British Rail Class 47 locomotive 47375.

The latest tour details are as follows; updates will be available first via The Frontier Brush 8/9 June 2024 Facebook page

The tour highlights:

  • A two-day trip taking former British Rail (now Komplex Rail) 47375 on a circular trip around the eastern half of Hungary, breaking new ground for the class.
  • The Szolnok, Szajol, Nyíregyháza and Miskolc avoiding, which rarely - if ever - see passenger trains.
  • The Aszód - Vác which is rare for diesel loco-hauled trains and the Vác to Rákospalota-Újpest via Veresegyház lines, which sees very few loco-hauled trains at all.
  • Lots of mainline running and around 700km of Class 47 haulage.
  • Very rare locomotives thrown in, to add to the interest.
  • Opening windows, a relaxed atmosphere, space to spread out and photo opportunities.
  • Organised by Hungarian rail experts.

The plan is as follows:

Saturday 8 June 2024 (locos top and tail all day)

  • 47375: Budapest Nyugati - Rákosszentmihály - Rákos - Újszász - Szolnok avoider - Abony
  • V-Híd M62 #1 (2M62U-0278A or B requested): Abony - Szolnok freight yards - Tiszatenyő
  • 47375: Tiszatenyő - Szajol avoider - Debrecen (2 hrs break, to check into hotels/have lunch) - Nyíregyháza – Görögszállás
  • V-Híd M62 #1: Görögszállás– Nyíregyháza avoider (freight only) – Záhony
  • 47375: Záhony - (provisional visit to Fényeslitke intermodal facility) - Nyíregyháza (set down) – Debrecen

Sunday 9 June 2024 (locos top and tail all day)

  • 47375: Debrecen - Nyíregyháza (pick up) - Miskolc freight yards
  • V-Híd M62 #2 (2M62U 0278A or B requested – the one we didn’t have on day 1): Miskolc freight yards - Miskolc avoider - Miskolc Gömöri
  • 47375: Miskolc-Gömöri - Miskolc avoider - Hatvan - Aszód - Vác (set down) – Kismaros (set down) – Nagymaros Visegrád (set down) – Szob
  • V-Híd M62 #2: Szob - Nagymaros Visegrád (pick up) – Kismaros (pick up) – Vác (pick up) – Veresegyház – Rákospalota-Újpest - Zugló - Kőbánya- Kispest
  • 47375: Kőbánya- Kispest - Budapest Nyugati

The price for the two-day tour is £250. You may also pay for the tour in five instalments of £50 (each payable by the last day of the month, January through to May).

How to book:

Initially, please send an email to stating the full names of those you wish to book for and whether you would like to pay in full, or in instalments. You will then be provided with details of how to pay.

If you have a group of six or more who would like to sit together, please mention this when booking and an an area on the train will be reserved for you.

Please submit your bookings as soon as you can, so that the tour can be declared a runner.

Booking conditions

In the unlikely event that the tour is cancelled, Brush Type 4 Fund will refund all monies in full, however they will not be liable for any flights, hotels or other costs. Should 47375 be unavailable, the tour will run using alternative traction.

Please note that the tickets are for travel on the special charter train only. Travel to and from Budapest and accommodation before, during and after the tour are not included. Please make your own arrangements for this. Please note that on the Saturday night it will be possible to stay in Debrecen or Nyíregyháza.

Coaching stock and on train facilities

It is planned that a mixture of open and compartment first or second class “fresh air” coaches from MÁV. These will be either compartments of six/eight seats or double bays of six/eight in the opens. The aim is to keep seating density to round four per compartment or double bay. There will be no restaurant car, but a lunch break is planned on day 1 and it will be possible to have an off-train afternoon break at Vác, Kismaros or Nagymaros Visegrád on day 2. It is planned that a selection of beers for sale on both days.

Stay tuned for tour updates at The Frontier Brush 8/9 June 2024 Facebook page of any changes.

If you aren't on Facebook, please feel free to email for more info.

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